Knife crime guide for parents and carers

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South Gloucestershire remains a safe place to live and work, although a number of incidents of serious violence have had a lasting impact on young people and understandably caused concern in communities.

South Gloucestershire’s Violence Reduction Partnership, which includes the council’s community safety team, children’s social care, police, schools and other partners, is committed to educating young people about the dangers and impacts of knife crime and is working hard to keep them safe. The partnership funds early intervention programmes and support measures to stop incidents of violence and prevent future crimes. It also provides resources to help parents and carers talk to young people about knife crime and how to access support.

Find out more about what is being done to tackle knife crime in #SouthGlos at   

The council, through the #SouthGlos Violence Reduction Partnership, has worked with the Ben Kinsella Trust to reproduce a guide for parents and carers to help them speak to their child about knife crime and the risks and devastating consequences of carrying a weapon.

The booklet can be viewed or downloaded here:

Did you know life-saving bleed kits are located across #SouthGlos?

Kits are installed alongside existing HeartSafe defibrillators, and in other community locations, and include dressings, tourniquets, gloves and a guide to help manage bleeds. They can be used for any catastrophic bleed including traffic collisions, falls, or other traumatic injuries.

In an emergency always call 999 and ask for the ambulance service.

Find out where bleed kits are located in #SouthGlos

South Gloucestershire is a safe place to live and work but incidents of serious violence do occur.

Did you know knife amnesty bins are located in Patchway, Kingswood and Staple Hill? Any bladed article can be wrapped and put inside without question or fear of prosecution.

In an emergency call 999. To anonymously report a crime visit  

9 out of 10 young people who go to A&E with a knife wound have been stabbed by their own weapon.

Help change that statistic and encourage young people to report criminal activity, and people who they know carry knives.

Fearless is completely anonymous and is a dedicated service for young people

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