Apply for a grant

The Town Council has the power to award grants to local community groups. We have a fixed budget each year and grants are considered monthly at Finance meetings.

Local groups are invited to apply for a grant providing that their work benefits residents within the Emersons Green Town Council boundary.  Example of groups who have successfully obtained funding are:

  • Local sports clubs & associations
  • Scouting & Guiding groups
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Youth Groups

After this, if you wish to apply for a grant, please complete the application form and return it to the 

Emersons Green Town Council (EGTC) is empowered to award grants to benefit the community as follows:

  • Older People (over 60) – to maximise opportunities for independent living and to provide support and assistance when deemed appropriate
  • Younger People (0-18) – To support a wide range of activities to empower young people and meet their social, education or leisure needs
  • Arts & Culture – To support community involvement in local arts and cultural activities and to promote cultural services which benefit the Town of Emersons Green
  • Sports & Recreation – To support community participation in local sports and leisure activities and to enable clubs to develop and improve the sporting infrastructure
  • Highways & Transport – To facilitate access and sustainable transport schemes by community and voluntary activity and to promote cycling schemes
  • Environmental Enhancement – To improve the environment of Emersons Green and enrich its heritage/resources/biodiversity and to sustain community life
  • Charitable and Advice Organisations – Organisations which offer advice free of charge and charitable organisations that are of the benefit to Emersons Green residents
  • Organisations supporting Minority/Disability Groups – Organisations that offer support to people from minority or disability groups within Emersons Green

Applications will not be considered from:

  • Individuals
  • Organisations intending to support or oppose any particular political party or to discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion
  • Religious organisations to promote religious faith – applications can be considered where the project produces a clear support to the community irrespective of religious beliefs
  • Private Organisations operating as a business to make profit or surplus funds
  • Local groups whose funding is sent to a central organisation for redistribution
  • The Council will not normally consider the funding of specific staff roles
  • The Town Council considers grants throughout the year. Applications are considered by the
  • Finance Committee and ratified by the Full Council. Applicants may be asked to provide more information about a project or to attend a meeting prior to a decision being made.
  • Successful applicants will need to submit a report to the Council within 12 months of the grant being awarded including a financial report on the project and how the grant from the Town Council was used. The Town Council reserves the right to claim back unused grant funding or that not used for the purpose for which it was awarded.