Committees & Responsibilities

Guidance Notes

All Council meetings are open to the public and press.  The public can address members during the appropriate forum at the start of the meeting.  It may not be possible for the Council to respond to concerns raised during this time but comments will be noted for further consideration or action. If you would like to attend a meeting, please read our guidance notes.

Full CouncilAll CouncillorsFull Council is a meeting of all 16 Emersons Green Town Councillors. It is chaired by The Mayor, who also maintains a ceremonial role.
Secretariat is usually provided by the Town Clerk, who is the Council’s Chief Executive and Responsible Financial Officer.
Like all of our Committees, it is administered according to formal rules of debate known as Standing Orders.
The Full Council has executive decision-making responsibilities on all matters of Council administration and policy making, including budget and Council Tax decisions (known as the precept).
It is also a forum for debate on these policy issues.
The second Thursday of each month (except August)EGTC Standing Orders
Planning CommitteeCllr David Somers (Chair)
Cllr Simon Budd (Mayor)
Cllr Rachael Hunt
Cllr Caroline Johnson
Cllr Patricia Morgan
Cllr Richard Nichols
Cllr Colin Hunt
Vacancy x 1
This Committee considers and responds to planning consultations, including the impact on other local residents, highways, and the environment.Monday morning on a fortnightly basisPlanning Committee Terms of Reference
Finance CommitteeCllr James Hunt (Chair)
Cllr Colin Hunt
Cllr Christopher Edwards
Cllr Caroline Johnson
Cllr Richard Nichols
Cllr David Somers
Vacancy x 2
The Town Council, by law, appoints a Responsible Finance Officer (RFO). At Emersons Green Town Council this is the Town Clerk.

This Committee receives and considers all income and expenditure each month. Budgets are monitored regularly by the Committee along with any extraordinary expenditure and new contract agreements.

All Grant applications are considered by the Committee which then makes a recommendation to Full Council for consideration and approval.

Every year this Committee scrutinises the budget and makes a recommendation for the setting of the precept for the following year. Again, this is considered and approved by Full Council.
The last Thursday of each monthFinance Committee Terms of Reference
Open Spaces and Allotments CommitteeCllr David Somers (Chair)
Cllr Simon Budd (Mayor)
Cllr Steve Bassett
Cllr Patricia Morgan
Cllr Roberta Sunderland
Vacancy x 4
This Committee manages all aspects of the Town Council’s Open Spaces and Environmental assets within the Town Council boundary, including allotments, trees and plant displays, and street furniture, including, bollards, shelters, noticeboards, signage, and litter bins. Every two months on a Tuesday evening.Open Spaces Committee
Terms of Reference
Personnel CommitteeCllr Caroline Johnson (Chair)
Cllr Christopher Edwardson
Cllr Colin Hunt
Cllr James Hunt
Cllr Simon Jones
Cllr Richard Nichols
This Committee makes recommendations to Full Council on the appointment of staff members, their terms and conditions, and the human resources required to fulfil the Council’s policies. Furthermore, the committee deals with the investigation of formal grievances and staff disciplinary matters, in accordance with the Council’s policies. Moreover, the Committee carries out the annual appraisal of the Town Clerk and administers the formal reward scheme, including appeals. As required, minimum of two meetings per year, at the discretion of the Town Clerk or the Chair of the Staffing Committee.Personnel Committee Terms of Reference