Earthfest 2023: A Delightful Celebration of Nature in Emersons Green

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Emersons Green Park was the vibrant host of the annual Earthfest, organised by the Friends of Emersons Green Park in collaboration with the Emersons Green Town Council. On July 1st 2023, the park came alive with a diverse range of activities and performances that celebrated the environment and fostered community spirit.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Town Council, this years’ festival was an extraordinary success, leaving attendees and organisers alike feeling inspired and grateful. The event showcased an unusually creative program that captured the hearts of festival-goers and garnered positive feedback from members of the public.

One of the highlights of the festival was a captivating performance by the choir of Emersons Green Primary School, led by musician Algy Behrens. Together, they had composed a poignant song on an Earth-related theme, which they performed beautifully at the event. Headteacher Soraya Young expressed her gratitude, saying, “We had a wonderful time, thank you for the opportunity. Our parents loved seeing the children perform but also feeling the link to the community we serve.”

The Great Day choir, led by Beth Morgan, also enchanted the audience with their harmonious melodies. Beth expressed her appreciation, stating, “Thank you for inviting us to come and sing at Earthfest. You have created a wonderful, joyful event in the heart of our local community. My ladies and their families really enjoyed it. Congratulations!”

All scheduled events took place as planned, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a variety of engaging activities. Walks with naturalists attracted a considerable number of participants, who appreciated the opportunity to explore and learn about the park’s rich biodiversity. Similarly, the ‘Discovering Flutes’ workshop taught attendees about the inner workings of flute instruments and even demonstrated how to make a flute out of a carrot, which was a particular hit.

The Community Nature Reserve tent buzzed with excitement throughout the day. Visitors eagerly crafted insect and bird boxes, showcased their artistic skills by painting pebbles, and younger attendees embarked on scavenger hunts, all while celebrating the remarkable success of the Town Council’s venture.

While it was challenging to estimate the precise number of attendees due to the park’s foot traffic, the local library noted a significant increase of 300 visitors compared to a typical Saturday. The library also hosted the ‘I live here’ nature drawing competition, which awarded prizes on the day and featured an engaging display during the festival.

Notably, the festival unfolded without any incidents, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Furthermore, the event was executed within the allocated budget, demonstrating the organisers’ commendable financial management.

The resounding success of Earthfest 2023 is a testament to the strong bond within the Emersons Green community and the collective commitment to environmental awareness. Through an eclectic mix of performances, educational workshops, and hands-on activities, the festival succeeded in bringing people together and fostering a deep appreciation for the Earth’s beauty and resources.

As the festivities concluded, the Friends of Emersons Green Park and the Emersons Green Town Council expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in making Earthfest a memorable and impactful event. The overwhelming positive response from the public only solidified their determination to continue supporting initiatives that celebrate nature and promote community engagement.

With the success of Earthfest 2023 serving as inspiration, Emersons Green eagerly anticipates future events that will further strengthen their connection to the environment and each other.

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